About Us

Welcome to Sun Group

Sun Group formerly known as Mangla Group was founded in 1989 in the bustling industrial state of Rajasthan to manufacture White Minerals of supreme quality. Ever since company sustained efforts towards excellence and innovation and has made it a prominent name in the industrial arena.

The company has empowered its clients with customized products based on their specific requirements. Our exceptional product quality is equally matched with our excellence in problem solving capabilities and technical customer service. Owing to well-equipped laboratories and the most advanced control instruments, company produces minerals of highest standards in quality and consistency. We offer a wide range of White minerals (micronized minerals) having diverse applications in various industrial sectors.

Today, we have become an envisioning recognition as an advanced and progressive company at national as well as international level.

Mission & Vision


To constantly pursue the path of growth and development despite the challenges and continue making efforts to build an industry where a bright future is churned out every moment.


The foundation of Sun Group was laid with the bricks of inveterate faith in ourselves. Thus, from Mining to Micronizing, Sun Group has taken a big leap heading towards a progressive future. We want to use business growth as a means to contribute to the society by improving the lives of all the people that it touches.



✅ Firstly, the stones from the quarry are selected by hands, clearing the gangue.

✅ Next, they are fed to the crushers and are crushed to small particles.

✅ Then the calcium carbonate grinding mill is used to produce fine calcium carbonate powder.

✅ Finally qualified products are separated from the mill and are collected by the collector installed at the end of the production line.


✅ For dolomite, crushing is required to achieve fineness. We usually use the Jaw Crusher as the dolomite crushing equipment.

✅ In the whole dolomite crushing plant,we use Vibrating Feeder to transport the materials to specified machine.

✅ Vibrating Screen machine can separate the kinds of finished products.

✅ Dolomite grinding is usually the last part of dolomite mining process and so this part decides the quality of the final dolomite products.


✅ The process of talc is mainly crushing the mined raw ore to around 25-35mm, then the ore goes into Cone Crusher for further crushing in order to make the size reach to around 6-8mm.

✅ The crushed ore will have a further grinding process by Raymond Mill which is equipped with centrifugal separator and cyclone dust extractor.

✅ For most applications, talc is processed by mechanical methods such as crushing, grinding and screening that do not appreciably alter the chemical or mineralogical properties of the material.


At Sun Group, quality and excellence are not just corporate slogans to achieve business and profits, they are an essential part of our very being because without high standards, we don't measure up to our own ideals. Thus, we wish to implement it in the production of Mineral Fillers/Extenders. Besides, we have a 4 Check-Point System to report any kind of faults and to conform to a smooth production process.


The swift development of industries in the national and international markets motivated the promoters to utilize the machinery and equipments of prominent manufacturers in the ultra modern setup of Sun Group. We have favourably used backward integration to have a fully integrated facility from Mining to Micronizing by utilizing the expertise of skilled technicians and trained work force.

The use of machinery, equipment, skilled and trained staff ensures almost zero loss and no foreign particle obtrusion in our mining and processing production facility. This ensures that only the material of very high purity is passed on to the customers.


Sun Group’s high production capacity can reach the customers with different types of transportation in quickest convenience. Different transport types such as trucks, containers and conventional shipping can be operated with operational logistics chain with the help of owned warehouse in the plant and various operational locations in India, which can store sufficient quantity of end products with different packaging.

We can load conventional vessel with full capacity in minimum time, with the help of independent and quick loading and unloading systems.

We have expanded our horizon to global market by exporting micronized minerals to many countries. Company has earned trust overseas by supplying consistent product with minimum lead-time.